Advance Riding School in Sepang

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 Owning a motorcycle and riding it sure is something that most people would love and enjoy. But being able to own one doesn’t really necessarily means that he or she can truly ride it and enjoy it to the fullest. Riding a small capacity bike like a moped probably doesn’t really need a set of skill that is needed like riding on something like a sportsbike with a 400cc to 1400cc capacity. Thus, making some of the lucky owners of these awesome bikes left frustrated and overwhelmed with the power.

 Certainly, this has been an issue since the early days of big capacity motorcycles made available for the general public to own one and ride it. But with the technological advancements in motoring and handling, bigger capacity bike has been evolving to be more and more powerful. Although the modern technical advancement like the ABS and Traction Control have been a great help for the riders and owners to enjoy the bike in a much more sensible ways and probably much more safer. But that is still not enough to be relied on for a total safe riding experience.

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 In Malaysia there has been a lot of cases where big bikes owners crashes their bikes due to failing of entering the corners and controlling the bikes at high speed. Some has been less fortunate where permanent damages being inflict into the riders and some even loss their life for it. This is truly sad and unnecessary as some of the incidents may be avoided with a good techniques in handling such bike. With that, a group of riders and professional racers decided to make a different by organizing a “Riding School at Track”

image credited to ARRC

 The program will be held at the Sepang International Circuit on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2012. Starting from 3pm until 6pm, the “Riding School at Track” participants will be instructed by professional racers like Zamri Baba who was one of the wildcard riders in Malaysian Grand Prix Moto 2 last year and many more. The “Riding School at Track” is definitely a worthy experience to learn and understand the proper way to handle and control a motorcycle so that the riders can enjoy it’s full potential. The event will be open to any kind of bikes and participants must obey the SIC Rules and Regulation such as wearing a full protective gears (Racing Suit, Full face helmet, etc).

  So to those who are able to join this event we truly recommend that you do and gain some extra knowledge on handling your motorcycles regardless if you are an advance riders or a new riders. For more info and registration please contact Shahrul [017] 2424103 or Sharidan [012] 3715504 Stay tune with us Malaysian Riders for more news and updates.

Below video shows how lack of skill in controlling a motorcycle can affect the rider.

video credited to rnickeymouse



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