Harley Davidson:Making Money in tough time

image credited to motorcycle.about

Harley Davidson, a name that is so famous that it needs no introduction at all even to a 6 years old child. Back to the main story, in recent time where global economies has been in a rough period and with the gas price rise to it’s highest, Harley Davidson comes out strong in the first three months of 2012. This is amazing, considering their recent downfall due to the global economies being slow and such.

It was reported that in just three months, Harley had sold 10,000 more bikes from the same period of last year. With 59,677 bikes sold worldwide, this gives Harley a huge boost to it’s sales where the profits rose from $119,260,000 to $172,035,000. Impressive figures that is, and the positive gesture doesn’t end there as the other division of the company such as the apparels also seeing a healthy grow in their profit.

All we can say is, nice one Harley! and we do hope that it can be sustained and other manufacturer must work extra smart and hard to be equivalent or better than this. Why are we supporting this? Because it is just sad to see a manufacturing company being out of business due to their lack of creativity and productivity for their products.


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