Biagi’s Aprilia RS4

image credited to Aprilia

What in the world would Max Biagi want with an Aprilia RS4, the 4-stroke 125cc bike that is replacing the the 2-stroke powered RS 125. Well that is not the case here as Aprilia announced that in conjunction with Max’s lead of the world championship now, the Italian motorcycle company will make a Biagi’s replica available for both the 50cc and the 125cc.

Aprilia RS125 (image credited to Aprilia)

The replica won’t have any power boost given to the engine but more towards the handling and cosmetics. The colour scheme will be exactly like the one on Biagi’s bike and other than that, it will come equipped with a £600 worth of upgrade such as wavy disc brakes, Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tyres, a quickshifter and a single-seat cowl as a standard.

The appearance of this bike in Malaysia is highly unlikely to happen as the bike’s 125cc 4 stroke engine doesn’t really capture a lot of attention compared to it’s 2-stroke predecessor. No official announcement has been made by Aprilia Malaysia regarding this and local fans have to wait if any one them would want to see one here.


  1. Selaku penunggang RSV, adalah baiknya kalau semua motorsikal baru yang dijual di tanahair menawarkan bantuan motosikal seperti yang ditawarkan oleh Motoaid Malaysia . Adakalanya kami selaku penunggang berhadapan dengan kemalangan ataupun kerosakan jentera. Ramai diantara kami yang berkesusahan di tengah tengah jalan dan terpaksa berbelanja besar untuk towing motosikal kami ke bengkel. Kalaulah perkhidmatan Motoaid Malaysia ditawarkan sekali dengan pembelian Aprillia baru, kan baik ?

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