Suzuki CRT wildcard at Indy

They pull themselves off the competition and now they’re back, but this time only as a wildcard entry for the 11th round of the championship this year. This time, it will be a CRT bike which will be powered by the GSX-R1000 engine onto the BCL Motorsport billet aluminum frame.

Information from a source stated that the project has been taking place since January of 2012. In the announcement by GPTech Owner, Geoff Maloney stated that “the new CRT rules have allowed us the freedom to develop a complete program that is worthy of being on the MotoGP grid”.

As we are certainly happy with this news and we are hoping Suzuki will be back on the grid permanently as the fight in the MotoGP seems to be a bit dull if to be compared with the World Superbike Championship. Even Rossi stated that he needs more action in the MotoGP after watching the last round of the WSBK racing recently where the two beemers was forced to quit after having a slight collision at the very last corner.

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