Suzuki Testing for 2014 MotoGP

It seems more and more news regarding the Suzuki MotoGP team are now in development for their 2014 return in MotoGP were spread around the motorsports news. The most recent is where it was spotted doing a testing at Sugo in Japan. We previously mentioned about the Suzuki will be returning this year as a CRT in MotoGP based on their GSX-R engine on a wildcard basis.

The Suzuki team were said to be focusing on developing a similar engine with the one on the YZF-M1 of Yamaha. Where it will be using a crossplane inline-4 engine. Sounds like they are really serious in getting back into the action and they are determined to come back as a contender rather than just some participating team. No further details has yet to be announced by Suzuki themselves as it is still too early to even confirm anything yet.

From our point of view, it is best that Suzuki returns to the world championship as more and more people are starting to look into the WSBK as they are much more competitive and entertaining. Whatever it is, we will try our best to bring in more news regarding the development of Suzuki in MotoGP in the future.


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