Redza Motorcycle Official Statement

Following our article regarding Velocita 250, many have been wondering about the bike and it’s origin. Our representative had a little chat with their reps and to our surprise, more good news is coming your way. Just to make it easier for everyone to access this information, here is the direct statement from the Director, Marketing of Redza Motorcycles.

Dear readers,

On behalf of Redza Motocycle (RMC) management we would like to clear your pre assumption on our products.

Kindly be inform Redza Motorcycle (RMC) is a business unit under Business Equation Sdn. Bhd (622585 – X). RMC are 100% locally assembled in Rawang, Selangor. We have obtained assembly license with MIDA (Malaysian Industrial Development Authority). Having obtained this MIDA license for CKD (completely known down) and under Custom tariff code 8711.30.910, which we are entitled for only 5% import tax and reasonable profit margin (unlike others brands high price for high profit) that is why we have decided sell at a very competitive price. RMC have collaborates with Italian company for our own design as well as we are using Japan technologies in terms of engine.

Please find below our specs model for your further clearance and understand:

Model : Velocita 250 cc
Engine type : 165FMM Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, water cool, CBB counter balance shaft engine.
Bore X Stroke (Mm) : 65.5×66.2
Idle speed (r/min) : 1500
Max. power (Kw/R/Min) : 11.5/7500 , Max. torque (n.m/r/min) : 17/600
Displacement (ml) : 223.4 , Max speed (km/h) : NA
Min. Fuel consume (g?km.h) < 354 , Ignition : CDI
Starting type : Kick/Electric start , Lubrication : Pressure splash
Cooling : water cooled , Battery 12V 7AH/12N7-3B
Price : RM 11,999.00

Model : Bellissimo 250 cc
Engine type : Single Cylinder , 4 Stroke , air cooled.
Bore X Stroke (Mm) : 69×53
Idle speed (r/min) : 1500/2000
Max Power (Kw/R/Min) : 12.5/7500 , Max Torque (n.m/r/min) : 16.5/6000
Displacement (ml) : 250cc , Max speed (km/h) : NA
Min. Fuel consume (g?km.h) : < 354 , Ignition : CDI
Starting type : Kick / Electric start , Lubricant : Pressure splash
Cooling : Water cooled , Battery : 12V 7AH
Price : RM 9,999.00

Model : Reena 300 cc
Engine type : Single cylinder , 4 Stroke , Water – cooled
Bore X Stroke (Mm) : 72.5 x 69.8
Idle speed (r/min) : 1500
Max Power (Kw/R/Min) : 15/7000 , Max Torque (n.m/r/min) : 21/5500
Displacement (ml) : 288 , Max speed (km/h) : NA
Min. Fuel Consume (g?km.h) : < 2.8 , Ignition : CDI
Starting type : Kick / Electric start , Engine type : 170mm
Cooling : Water cooled , Battery : 12V 9AH
Price : RM 12,999.00

RMC will be launch officially by mid of June 2012 location will be at Tesco Ampang, Selangor.

Meantime our show room is still under renovation which is only be ready in early of July 2012 located at Desa Pandan.

For more further inquiries you may surf our official website at or you may call us as per below :

En. Iskandar Head of Technical – 010 438 8191
En. Fazli Executive Marketing – 017 696 9211
En. Redza (the owner of RMC) – 016 363 3873

With this explanation we hope everyone have a very clear understanding about our RMC.

Looking forward for your support and welcome to our official launch soon!!

Have a pleasant day :)


Reena Radzi
Director, Marketing



  1. welcome to new 250 family!!! love u all!!!

    but for 300cc scooter.. i cant ride.. must have B full license.. huhu..

    anyway.. tahniah kepada pendatang dan pengeluar baru.. kami rider2 sentiasa menyokong anda..

  2. 250 cc dgn rupa yg menarik…
    performance blom tau..
    mintak RMC umum tarikh launcing..
    bleh g belek n test drive..
    pesanan dr aku kpd sume..dan jugak utk aku!
    hari launch bawak2 la dokumen yg patut..hehehehe
    mana tau jatuh hati
    trus…bleh submit loan…
    mana la tau ade special price utk 100 pembeli awal..!

    1. bila moto nie nak sampai melaka,tak sabar rasanya nak lihat motor nie.dari rupa bentuknya memang mengancam.lagi satu nak tanya,macam mana dengan khidmat selepas jualan.contoh spreapart dia.macam mana dengan ketahanan engin dia.apa pun memang mengancam…

  3. Im so interesting about a velocita 250cc .i thing i wan buy one .but .can you tell me about specialitist for this bike ?

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