Project Red

Project Red, what is project Red? It’s an independent project by Malaysian Rider’s creative director Muhammad Rashidi in collaboration with local filmmakers and stunt rider “RED”. The shooting will be in full commence when all the necessity needed can be secured and confirmed for the filming.

As of now, no in depth details has been released by any of the party involved in the making of this film. Malaysian Riders will be giving a full support to the cause as there are no true Stunt or Extreme biking film done by any local filmmakers up till now. This also raised the issue of the development for the stunt riders or aspiring stunt riders in Malaysia regarding the proper location for them to practice and showcase their skills.

Image captured by Hafizz Hamzah

A statement from Muhammad Rashidi saying that he really hopes that with the film done and shared with everyone, it can open an opportunity for people with extreme biking interest to have a better future in this arena. Project Red will be the first Malaysian stunt film done in a proper way and shot in high definition. This a totally non-commercial film and  only made with intention of promoting the right way to enjoy such extreme motorcycle sports.

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