Triumph 2013 Lineup

Two days left before the Tridays festival in Garmisch Neukirchen, Austria where Triumph is set to present something new from their lineup for the 2013 season. Not much information we can offer to our readers right now as there are no direct press release has been given to us. But from what we understand from our sources across the globe. We can agree that Triumph may reveal one of the few spied models such as the Trophy 1200 Tourer, the 2013 Daytona 675 and the 2013 Street Tripple.

As for now, we can all wait for the launch in two days times from now and we will keep everyone posted with any information we have. Sadly, due to our own budget restriction and man power. We couldn’t afford to attend such event to cover the news and we will be relying to our international source for the updates.

Stay tune with us for more information and news updates as we try to bring you the latest and the best news to you.

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