Yamaha is Cheaper?

Nowadays, the big name of Japanese motoring like Honda and Yamaha are racing to capture the huge Indian market with an ever cheaper bikes. Us in Malaysian Riders was like, okay now why do the Indians always got the good things in motorcycle. Out of pure jealousy, the thoughts of wanting Malaysian market to have the same scene as our Indian counterparts are just too absurd. Then it hit us, well Malaysian motorcycle industry won’t be as huge as Indian’s market.

But this article is not about Indian market vs. Malaysian market. It is about Yamaha, as they try to capture the massive Indian market. According to our source, Yamaha is planning to mass produce a motorcycle that cost £300 or roughly RM1,490 if it ever enters out Market. But that is not including taxes and other stuff we have in Malaysia. Therefore, we can expect the price to be higher if it comes to our shore. Well that is just the fact that we have to live with.

As for now, Yamaha has been selling two budget models which is the YBR 125 and Crux 110. Both are not available in our market. When we saw the news coming in on our writing desk, immediately we think of this as an act by Yamaha to compete against Honda recent launch of Honda Dream Yugo back in May.

As for now, no real details on the motorcycle spec and when it will be revealed by Yamaha as far as what we know. But we will try to bring you the best information on this news in the future and please stay tune with us for more updates.

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