New BMW for 2013?

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Hold your thoughts people, the title may sounds too good to be true but it is not impossible at all. Although rumors will always be rumors and people will keep on speculating and that includes us too. But this time around, the rumor seems to be getting real and it might be just around the corner for all Bimmers enthusiast out there. We’re speaking of the new BMW HP4 which is the higher-spec of the already hyper bike S1000RR. So what is new with the bike that it deserves our attention?

The rumored HP4 is all about specification. Electronic suspension, launch control, titanium akrapovic, new brakes, etc etc. Well let’s just say it will come with all kind of performance upgrades from the standard S1000RR. But from the news we heard, the horsepower is left unchanged with 193hp which is not really a problem since there will be a significant weight reduce to the bike. All this information was thought to be genuine as the photos and information comes from a potential slide show straight from the BMW dealers meet up recently.

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Whatever it is, we can’t confirm anything yet as there are no official statement from BMW reps regarding the HP4. We are hoping that there will be an official statements from them soon as this would mean that there are more toys for us to play with and hopefully we can see it on our shore. For more info and news from the world of two wheels motors, stay tune with us and subscribe to our facebook page and out youtube channel for some video news and entertainment.

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