Goods Off the Internet

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It comes in all kind of sizes and prices. Some are very cheap beyond imagination and others looks like going to rip off your wallet in an obvious way. But this is the trend of buying goods off the internet, the consumers themselves must be aware in their own rights and risk that some of this goods may turn out to be a fake or worse, it was probably a stolen goods.

We really hope that we can have a few minutes of our viewers time for us to share our thoughts about the whole goods off the Internet. Let’s start with a simple question, have you ever bought something off the internet? If you do, why and how did you manage to be comfortable in getting it. We have spoken to a few correspondence in the process of obtaining this information from across the Asean region.

Our first correspondent is Jenny Low from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She’s an executive for  a telecommunication firm in Kuala Lumpur. She stated that, “I wasn’t always comfortable when dealing with someone from the internet as there is so much that we don’t know about someone who’s about to sell his or her goods, but then again the price is just too good to resist. That is why I always opted for a cash on delivery method for any deal, just to help myself to ensure the safety of a transaction I made”.

Our second correspondent is WillAkkarat85 from Thailand, he stated that “In my experience of buying stuff from the net, it’s always about the reputation of the seller that comes to my decision. Even if the price is low but if the reputation is unknown or bad, I will just avoid it and keep looking”. He also stated that one of his friend have had an experience  where the goods was a stolen one and the police end up seizing it and he got nothing out of the transaction.

From both of our correspondence reaction, it is safe to say that people are well aware of the process in buying goods from the internet. Whether it’s from ebay, facebook, or even any forums that has a trading section in it. It’s just the matter of self awareness and how bad each individual wants something for himself or herself. Why are we choosing to publish about this issue? This is following from our observation on the net with all kinds of goods especially motorcycle parts and other stuff that has been increasing lately.

We will surely continue on this matter in the future, but for now. We would like to have all your opinions and maybe we will produce a documentary or film based on this issue. Stay tune with us in Malaysian Riders and please like or Facebook page and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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