700 Likes Giveaway

In order to celebrate our existence after 7 months in the industry, with all the support that we had gained so far. We are happy to announce that we will be giving away Prizes to our loyal followers in order to show our gratitude to all of you that has been patience with our progress so far.

is a simple competition that is open to all our fellow Facebook followers(LIKES), all you got to do is  Snap a photo of yourself with a printed Malaysian Riders Logo or a creative Malaysian Riders name written on anything and upload it to your facebook account with a short slogan as a description.

Use This Logo

Tag Malaysian Riders in your slogan and get your friends to LIKE your photo as much as possible to stand a chance to

1- Alpinestar S-MX2 Boot
2- GIVI M11 D.Visor Helmet
3- Apple iPod Shuffle

Please read the full details of the competition HERE

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