BMW HP4 Pricing

The all new big boys toy from the German automaker BMW has been officially revealed previously and some of our lucky International media has been invited to test out the bike around the revealing occasion circuit. But the price was still in a secret at the time, although people has been predicting about the price for the bike there has been no official statement from BMW regarding this matter.

Not until recently, BMW had announced their latest technological motoring product which namely the BMW HP4 will be given the price tag of £16,700 OTR for the standard version which if translated into Malaysian Ringgit; it’ll be about RM82,000 not really an expensive price tag isn’t it? Not so fast, do not forget ever about the Malaysian comical tax and stuff which can easily double the price to RM160,000 for the most basic package.

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Either way, people of Malaysian shall be calm about this for now as it hasn’t show any signs of coming in to our lovely nation any time soon. But something great like this may not be held back for too long before it will break in to our great nation. So for now, all fans of bimmers. Let’s just sit back, relax and enjoy the current S1000RR that we have before the beast comes in and rip your wallet apart.

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