Honda Streetfire

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During which we are given plenty of news regarding the launch and revealing of new bikes from all kind of manufacturers in the recent time. With Kawasaki being the number one manufacturer in introducing a whole new range of motorcycle, Honda doesn’t want to be left out in the little race of unveiling new models that will be coming our or just as a teaser to the market.

With CBR500 is surely becoming the hot topic among bikers all over the world that is looking into a small and sensible bike that can still deliver enough power and looks to it’s user. Honda has gone one or two step down with their approach in small capacity bike with the unveiling of the Honda Streetfire in Jakarta recently. The bike will be based from the CBR150 platform which basically has been given a naked looks and maybe some tweaks at the performance.

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We can’t say for sure as we are not there in the event as it was held in Indonesia and we have some filming needs to be done here in Malaysia. Even with that, sadly enough our reporting crew was also left out when Boon Siew Honda recently launch a new scooter range. So there is nothing surprising when we can’t provide any further details when dealing with an International story like the Honda Streetfire.

From our point of view, it does have an interesting looks to it and if only the engine platform would be on something larger. Maybe this can be a hot bike that the market will go for, so far there is no confirmation whether this bike is already being confirmed for which market and whatsoever. But all we can say is, it is highly likely will be a model that will hit our Malaysian market the last.

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