A Very Special Z1000

Although the show is over for this year’s EICMA, but the news haven’t really stop there as we continue to see tid bits of the news from the show coming up and it seems there are many cool news that we haven’t really share with you guys. Well, this one is a piece on a Kawasaki motorcycle. Not just any bike, a very special Z1000 in conjunction of it’s 40 years anniversary.

image credited to MCN

This particular bike is a one off bike according to our source and yes it does look like an old motorcycle. The classic look derived from the original Z series is greatly portrayed onto this modern day Z1000. We got our attention to it’s exhaust which is a very sexy pipes and  we can only imagine the sound it produce. It should compliment the style of the bike itself and probably it is, only that we can’t never know as it is highly improbable to be here in our lovely country.

image credited to derestricted.com

There is so much to say about the bike but so little that we know about it too. So it is quite unfair for us to say anything that is not based on facts, therefore we will leave our deep thoughts of the bike to ourselves. This is probably a good way by Kawasaki to get our attention for it’s whole line ups after revealing so much of their 2013 models which clearly will become an instant hot topic when it really be ridden on the road.

Well, stay tune with us in Malaysian Riders for more updates for sure in the future. We are working hard to bring you more film contents in this short time. Please do LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.



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