Honda 500cc Price Revealed

2013 Honda CBR500, 2013 Honda CB500R, and 2013 Honda CB500X motorcycles.

All speculations over, now that the price has been unveiled. It is time for us in Malaysian Riders to take part in the prediction of the price these bike will be if it enters the Malaysian market. We are waiting for Honda Malaysia to announce it’s arrival here, we are certainly hoping that it will be coming in as soon as other markets out there.

Well back to the main story, the price. From one of our International media source, it is confirmed now that the price will be around £5,000 or if converted into Malaysian Ringgit it’ll be around RM24,400 without tax. The exact price for the Naked CB500 will be starting from RM22,700 without tax and both the CBR and CBX will be a little bit expensive around RM24,100 without tax.


So if it is to enter our market in a complete CBU unit, my oh my the price can be a little bit more than just RM25,000. We have to expect the price around the range of RM40,000 or slightly less than that. Just for comparison, the ER6 model from Kawasaki in Malaysia can be bought aroung the range of RM35,000 and that is a 650cc engine. With the Honda 500 we are hoping that it’ll be less than what ER6 has to offer.

Surely, the bike will be assembled in Thailand for our region and hopefully the price can be reduced by a lot. Other than that, we all have to wait the final announcement from Honda for our market as they haven’t made any move on these hot models in our lovely nation yet. For now, please enjoy the official video from Honda Motorcycle EU of the 500 models.



  1. Kalau harge below 30k mesti ramai yg berminat,,tp nmpak mcm mustahil,,honda muck up harge tnggi,,tngok je la nt ye

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