Kawasaki ZX10R Test Ride

In the midst of all the new bikes coming for 2013, we were out playing with an “old model” of the Kawasaki ZX10R. Well it’s not really an old model, it basically the 2012 version which retain all the updates from the 2011 model. The technical specs of the bike can be obtained from their website so there is no need for us to explain further on it here. Just click HERE to see the specification.

We got the bike for a short period of time and our test rider try his best to fully utilize the bike in every aspect. We then head out to Genting Highlands to enjoy the bike like it should be and how it has been used by most riders here in Malaysia. But the first test by our rider was to bring the bike through the heat and traffic of Kuala Lumpur’s best traffic jam ever. The test proves the bike reliability in term of maintaining the temperature whilst stopping a lot of times for traffic light and when stuck in a congested area.

before the ride

The only complaint we had from our test rider was “I was baked alive in that suit (Racing Suit) through that traffic”. The bike can certainly moves in a slow traffic but it won’t be an ideal thing to do. The engine is so smooth that you feels a little bit under powered at some times. But when it’s being used in a full power mode and traction control turned off, the bike will go crazy on you.

So please do watch our Kawasaki ZX10R Film to see what our test rider did with the bike and what he thinks of the bike.



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