Banning Big Bikes on the Highway?


One simple gesture by a writer can definitely sparks a lot of attention from the people of a community and for this we are talking about this specific writer whose name shall not be mention due the utter stupidity of the article he made. Banning motorcyclist or big bikes user from riding on the highway seems to be his ideal strategy to prevent fatal incidents involving motorist that are on two wheels.

We can’t afford to agree with this idea as it is not the core to the main problem we have with superbikes user who seems to be a problem on the highway. The writer mentioned that the physical attribute of a Malaysian is just not suitable to ride such machine. For us in Malaysian Riders we really think that the writer doesn’t really understand the concept of grass-root education to a solution of a bigger problem.


Yes, we know that the number of big bike users in Malaysia are increasing day by day. Due to the fact that people can afford to buy rather than actually able to handle one. Our test rider has spoken about this in our review films and mentioned that beginner riders should just take it easy and learn the way of the bike before going crazy on it especially on the open road. We just can’t support a shortcut solution like the writer suggested in handling this issue.

On the other hand, riders from all kind of background should be learning the way to handle their bikes properly on the open road especially in high density traffic environment. Superbikes are fun machine to ride with all the instant power and great handling coming from the performance parts and tyres. Us as riders should be polite too on the road and always be aware of the surrounding before expecting 4 wheeled drivers to be aware of us.

Our Test Rider spoken about new riders

Well there are so much to say about this issue but people should be thinking in a bigger perspective before making any decision in banning big bikes user on the highway. We are hoping that no more ridiculous idea like this shall ever emerged and we are also hoping that other riders our there stands up and actually prove that we are not a road bully and just a passionate rider with a lot of respect to other motorist.


  1. Agreed with the writer, for beginners they should improve and learn their riding skills first before riding in highway, because for me it takes experience and skills to do that, especially in high speed.

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