Honda RVF400.. Something from your childhood?

Honda RVF400
Honda RVF400

It was more than 15 years ago where the name RVF400 had surfaced on the world of motorcycling in Japan. Yeap, only in Japan where tebike being sold brand new. Now why is it that this bike got the highlight from Malaysian Riders today is because of it’s unique build and rarity of the machine in our country. Maybe not just in Malaysia, but to the rest of the world following the release of the bike officially only in Japan back in 1994.


Nowadays, bike enthusiast has been acquiring the bike through grey imports and it has been customized to be given a new modern look and we have to say that some of them really looks stunning. Apart from that, owners of the bike around the world had treated the bike with some obvious performance upgrade and it starts with the exhaust. Now when we discuss about the exhaust, it is only fair to say that the bike has a great exhaust notes and will make you awe in wonder if it ever pass your ears.

Recently, an acquaintance of Malaysian Riders shared a very interesting post on facebook and to our own surprise, an owner of the bike in Malaysia is trying to sell his Honda RVF400. From the pictures, the bike seems to be in a good condition but we can’t prove it as we really need to check it out physically to really know if the bike is in good running condition. We don’t really know why but our excitement is like children hearing about ice cream after we heard that somebody is selling his RVF400.

image credited to MCN
image credited to MCN

The history of the bike is just amazing and it deemed to be one of the best handling motorcycle by Honda. Well, we can only imagine how well does it handle and with the price tag of RM8000 (Click for advert of the bike). We are looking to own one (if we have the money right away) and if there is someone is trying to buy one, please take care of the bike and if it is possible let us make a film on the machine. Please stay tune with us for more updates, to make it easy please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE our FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE CHANNEL.



  1. Hmmm Malaysia Riders masih berminat nak review dan test 1996 Honda RVF400RT ini kat track ke?

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