Honda CTX700 Unveiled


Although the bike was not unveiled and launched in Malaysia, but still we put a lot of our interest on the bike as it does look promising and unique to cater a certain market of bikers  that just wants to have something different here in Malaysia. But then again, it could be quite a while for us to even get a chance to see it in metal here. The newly launched Honda CTX700 and CTX700N was aimed to break a new genre of motorcycling among bikers all over the world.

Powered with a parallel twin and dual clutch transmission, this bike is certainly an interesting piece to ride on. Although we can never confirm how it feels, but we really think the sensible of the Japanese will surely make the bike easy to ride and make the rider feel safe on it. That can turn into something boring if we must say, but not everyone here is a speed junkie nor a very good rider like all the racers out there.


The Honda CTX700 then is something that is equivalent to their Honda Goldwing and we have tested the 2012 Goldwing. We must say that the bike is super smooth and comfortable to ride and it is easy to control once it is moving. The pillion surely enjoys the most out of riding it and that can turn into a great long journey for the rider to explore on the luxurious motorcycle like the Goldwing.


We are hoping that something will happen for us here in Malaysia as we really need to spice up the local motorcycle market right now. We are not saying that these bikes will be coming in but we sure hope it does. That is all for now and we must wait for more info to surface from our local Honda distributor in the future. Please do stay tune with us and please LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL to get our news and films updates easily.



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