Honda VTR250F Unveiled

Image credited to TMC BLOG
Image credited to TMC BLOG

Exciting news, but it came from Japan and not to mention that it is just a news. Honda Motorcycle in Japan recently unveiled a new VTR250F which does look a little bit like an awkward motorcycle. The bike claimed to have around 29HP is just another variation of the long and historical VTR250 series. Coming from the source, they did mention that the bike is highly probably only for the asian market. But we haven’t got any information from our local Honda big guns to confirm that.

More on the bike, the design does look quite odd with the marriage of the front VFR-ish looking light that seems to be what Honda had adapt for most of their new bike these days. The engine is said to be a water-cooled V-Twin with 4 valve for each cylinder. Well, the engine is nothing impressive or breathtakingly new engineering but it is something. Well the F version seems to add up some half fairing style and bare naked on the bottom half which look pretty cool with that red frames exposed. The talk of it being a variation that may spice up the options for riders to choose if the CBR250R was not particularly according to the rider’s taste even if the price is slightly higher.

image credited to motorcycle about dot com
image credited to motorcycle about dot com

Not much else that we can say at this point as there are no real development in terms of plans in bringing the bike here. So that is all for now and we do hope something will surface in the near future from Boon Siew Honda regarding all these new bikes that haven’t got in to our lovely country yet. Especially those 500cc series, NC700X and the newly unveiled CTX700.


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