Exciting Weeks in February and March

Kawasaki Z800

With all the filming and production is practically done for the early season of Malaysian Riders motorcycle show, we are quite excited to get it all released for the viewings pleasure of our viewers and not to forget our loyal subscribers. Although our filming process is totally at the level of independent level, we are looking to have significant increment of our production quality and value with every chance possible.

The upcoming weeks of Malaysian Riders and Drivin On will be filled with a few exciting motorcycles and cars that is new to the local Malaysian market and still pretty much relevant to the international market to be viewed. Although we can clarify that we haven’t got the chance to test out the real deal like the Panigale of Ducati or the Aventador of Lamborghini which seems to be making a lot of hits in the Youtube world, we are certainly looking forward and still working hard in getting such opportunity.

Our Youtube Channel subscribers will know that they will be having a great contents from us to be viewed in the upcoming weeks and months as we are looking to release almost 8 videos per month starting this March. The increased of the production meaning that we will be working super hard to ensure that our content is always fresh and entertaining yet informative all at the same time. This is a huge challenge for our small production team and we do hope that it can be assisted by some corporate sponsors or support from any interested parties.

Nissan Murano

Therefore, this also serves as an open invitation to any individuals or organization that would like to see more entertaining stuff from our production to actually be part of our cause and help us in achieving a level much better than before. That is all for now, we do hope that all our audience will stay tune with us for more and please do share about us such as our FACEBOOK PAGE and our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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