Kawasaki Z800 Film Review

image courtesy of Kawasaki Europe
image courtesy of Kawasaki Europe

After much delays in the filming of the hot new bike from Kawasaki. We finally made it and boy the time was such a rush. We were only given 3 days with the bike to test it, film it and get it back to the respective caretaker on the third day. We were pushed to the limit and there are few things that we can’t really test out due to the limited time with the bike.

The Kawasaki Z800 is a wonderful and a muscular middleweight Naked bike that is currently available in the market. Surely, it is a great contender for bike of the year in 2013. But that is all remain to be seen with the Triumph is also up for the spot to be the bike of the year with their latest street triple. We are looking forward for the chance to have a go on the triumph. But the Kawasaki Z800 is surely something that we can’t avoid in saying how much the value for money the bike is.

Please do watch our film review made by our small production team in such limited time and do stay tune with us for more on other bikes and more on the Z800 in the future. Subscribing to our channel will definitely let us know that we are making the contents for our viewers. Please do LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and get in touch with us anytime.


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