Future of Modenas?


Malaysia, a nation that we called home. Malaysian Riders will always be proud for our root, but there are limits to what we can agree or what we can accept even as a Malaysian. Although we have made our marks on the International level with the motorsports involvement from both our athletes and organizers. But we are still significantly lacking behind in the automotive industry, both two-wheels and four-wheels vehicles.

For this particular writing, we want to actually discuss on the brand that us Malaysian have to accept as a national ambassador to the motorcycling world. Modenas, a name that popular among the locals but not as popular on the street to be something that we can be proud of. We do admit that it sounds pretty harsh to say such thing to a young developing company. But it is probably time for them to start pushing into a much more exciting direction rather than staying alive as just another player in the industry.

Collaboration is something that they are probably already familiar with, but the development have yet to shown a greatly amazing products. For the first ten years, yes it probably sounds great for a Malaysian company to develop a small moped. But after a while, they will just lose the grip and attention from the public. Not just internationally, even the local themselves are not excited to hear about it anymore. There are things that we couldn’t understand maybe it is much more complicated than what it seems. But these “mysterious” issues that probably holding their development back should be gone if the company wants to stay exist for the next 100 years and become as one of the biggest player in the world.


Dream big, that is probably the key success to some of the world top brands like Ducati, Aprilia, Honda and even the reviving MV Agusta which was once owned by Malaysian. Success doesn’t come in a second, it take years of work and bold development to achieve such thing. Most of our readers that we’ve encountered had stated their opinion that if Modenas still wants to play in the small category segment, they will definitely lose the support from the local market themselves. Going big is the answer and not just in terms of technology, but for the work ethics as well. Probably in the last decade, only two companies that have really made it into the big league with their big ambition.

Modenas should be taking both this brands as a serious platform of inspiration to become one of the best in Malaysian automotive industry and join in the “Premiership Class” internationally. The PAGANI and KOENIGSEGG are both not that senior in the world of automotive. But they have made their marks as one of the world’s best in what they are doing. Even becoming a pioneer in some aspects of engineering. This is what the people in Modenas should do, they should be dreaming big and get it done. The first try shall be a disaster but they must not stop at there. Keep on making a big improvements to their dream and focusing in becoming the leading engineering and automotive company in Malaysia and the region.


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