KTM RC250 Coming Our Way?


It has been quite some time since we heard any updates regarding KTM’s plan in making a 250cc sportsbike. They did however confirm that they are in the process of making one, although we haven’t receive any final words that confirms the exact time frame for the unveiling of the bike. Although, the international media members has been circulating the rumors of it being ready in the next 2 years.

The so called baby RC8 will derived highly from the racing prototype cousin from the same brand knwon as the RC250R which we know as Moto3. With the KTM focus now in the making of little Duke like the 200 and 390. We can expect that they will do the same for the smaller displacement sportsbike they are about to offer. The news of them trying to double up the production they made a year itself is an indication that they will be revealing new models soon. Our job now is just to wait and see what will the KTM say about it.


Malaysian Riders team has always been a little bit struggling in getting contacts with the personnel of KTM in Malaysia and a few times we have been treated with silence from our request. We are really hoping that when the time comes for the KTM to unveil the baby sportsbike in Malaysia, we will get invited to the show and share it to you.

For now, please stay tune with us for more upcoming updates on this unfinished story and we will definitely be releasing a lot more films in our YOUTUBE CHANNEL which we urge for you to SUBSCRIBE. Please do LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and get the latest updates from Malaysian Riders everyday.


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