Pitsterpro Malaysia and Malaysian Riders


Malaysian Riders under the management of it’s parent company Broad Speed Enterprise led by the founder and Chief Operating Officer of the organization Muhammad Rashidi is proud to announce the strategic partnership between Pitsterpro Malaysia and Malaysian Riders. Following from the discussion between the two key personnel of both organization, Pitsterpro Malaysia; led by Mr.Idon Pang and Malaysian Riders led by Mr.Muhammad Rashidi had agreed to go into the venture for the development of both organization and contributing back to the motorcycling community here in Malaysia.

The two organizations shall now explore the possibilities between both networks and platforms in order to develop a unique way of motoring experience for the viewers and consumers of both brands. Malaysian Riders shall be releasing a few more details regarding the strategic partnership with Pitsterpro Malaysia and it shall be made available in preparation for the 2014 Malaysian Riders motorcycle show.

image credited to pitsterpro
image credited to pitsterpro

The team behind Malaysian Riders is now hard at work to ensure a high quality information and entertainment be made for the viewers enjoyment and at the same time giving an honest and non-bias information of the Pitsterpro products. What can be expected from the collaboration is ranging from motorcycle entertainment and review to motorsports development and also local riders support in techniques and career development. The goal is to enhance and grow the local motorcycling industry and getting in touch with people to ensure the connection remains pure and real.

image credited to pitsterpro
image credited to pitsterpro

Malaysian Riders and Pitsterpro Malaysia shall unveil more details of the collaboration in the future. With that, be sure to stay tune with us and please do LIKE both MALAYSIAN RIDERS and PITSERPRO MALAYSIA. Do SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL to be the first to enjoy our film contents in the future.

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