2014 Kawasaki Ninja 250SL First Impression

image credited to Nik Hidayat

We are pretty sure that all of our viewers, readers, followers and friends must’ve been eager to hear about the new Kawasaki Ninja 250SL that our test riders had tested recently. Kawasaki Malaysian Sdn Bhd was proud in presenting to the whole nation of their new baby Ninja. Made in replacement of the older KR model, the two-stroke sports machine by Kawasaki that has been dominating the streets in Malaysia will be looking to have a slightly modernized companion to fill the gap left by the KR. It will not be long before we can see the RM17,689 250SL on our streets here in Malaysia and our test riders are pretty much positive in coming out from the testing recently.

Our new associate Robin Coenrad and Muhammad Rashidi recently thought that the Ninja 250SL performs pretty much as expected and that it is not a bad motorcycle to ride. But nothing is perfect in this world, there will definitely be some downside to it and for now let’s just take a look into the simple questions on performance, design, handling and comfort of the 250SL. The machine performs as expected; being a singly-cylindered motor driven with the engine comes from a proven power plant of the KLX250. The power curves was really-really smooth and this fits with it’s purpose of becoming a bike for a beginner. Producing not more than 26hp on the rear wheel, the 250SL focus itself on the acceleration and how the power can even be played in turns.


The machine was not scary at all to ride and will suit well with a young and inexperienced rider that are looking to venture into the world of motorcycling. On a good day, the Ninja 250SL will go up to 157km/h depending on the rider’s weight and the weather condition and some other factors like tire and sprocket setup. But that is totally not the point of why the bike is being made, it was never made with speed in mind. The Ninja 250SL is all about the seamless handling which comes to both of our test rider’s surprise of how stable the bike can be while cornering and flicking from left to right and vice versa. The machine was well planted as they tested it on the tarmac of Sepang International Circuit recently.

There is so much to say about the handling and how it complements the power of the engine itself, we wouldn’t want to say all of it for now and we’ll let the two riders explain in a better to understand words when the film is release soon. All that is fair for now is that, the 250SL works great and not much complaint in these both departments from the perspective of the machine category. In terms of design, it is safe to say that the little sportsbike looks fine with the sharp edges mixed in with some curvy fuel tank and slim shape of the entire bike. The gorgeous color of the traditional Kawasaki green or the yellow and black livery gives the bike a stunning attraction to itself.  The headlamp does remind us of the older KR model with a mix of something like a GSXR styled single headlamp look.

The 250SL is small, slim and compact and this is where it will differ in terms of usability as an everyday bike to some. Our test riders agreed that the bike will suit well to someone who is small in size to really enjoy the bike with high efficiency. The compact feeling of the bike does remind us about the racing machine of Moto 3. It won’t be as comfortable to those who are bigger and taller in size if they ever need to move around much and get into a proper seating position, especially; if they are going for a track session or a weekend around the twisties. But it all depends on personal preference, if they can manage with it; it won’t be much of a problem.

image credited to TCC
image credited to TCC

Overall, the bike came out good and it shall now be a machine to lookout for in the market. The price is reasonable and matches the quality of the machine, and this is fair to the value of the bike itself. We will follow up with more detailed explanation of the bike from our test rider’s opinion soon and please do watch our film made for the machine from the recent launch event. That Is all for now, please do SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL and LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE to get more updates from us in Malaysian Rider, home to motorcycle enthusiast.


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