Safety without Discipline is Just Stupid


It has come to our attention on the recent news of our friends and acquaintance from the world of two wheels and motorsports that lost their lives due to a motorcycle related incident. As usual, our thoughts and prayers go to them and we hope that it will serve us as a reminder that death is always around the corner. No matter who and where you are, it will come to greet you; eventually.  But we are not here to discuss about death, we are here to discuss about the day that you cheated death and escape with whatever outcomes there is. So to start it off, we would like to remind all of our readers here just to take our words with open mind and open heart. We didn’t ask you to agree nor to disagree with us, but like the famous National Geographic tagline; all that we want you to do is to THINK AGAIN.

After years and years of experience from the world of motorsports and two wheels by the people in Malaysian Riders and it’s associates combined. It is safe to say that we have heard countless story on how a rider loss his or her ability to live their life as they knew it after such horrific incident. Some of them are not just story, some of them really occurred to a family member of our associates. Our concern here is about how some or most of our riders here in Malaysia take safety and discipline in riding as two separate focus. The reality is, both safety and discipline are just too important to neglect any one of them. Riders here in Malaysia are just lucky that they have a variety of safety gears to get from all kind of ranges and brands. Discipline on the other hand is not an easy thing to get, you can’t buy it from a store or get it online; but there is a way to implant it into them and that is through education.

Therefore, us in Malaysian Riders feels somewhat responsible towards educating riders from all kind of age about the importance of discipline. Without one, it is just plain stupid to ride even if you are wearing a million dollar riding suit. There are some people who say that when you wear a proper gear, it puts you into a GOD LIKE mode till that you feel nothing can hurt you. This is where discipline plays a huge role to the rider; it controls your thoughts and put you back down to earth so that you will have more respect towards the machine, the surrounding and yourself while riding. We’ve witnessed a lot of arrogant riders or probably just ignorant riders who are wearing thousands of Ringgit worth of jacket or helmets and rode fast on the highway as if there were no other road users sharing the same exact road. This is just plain stupid. Sure you can have or brag about being the most skillful rider among your circle and brag on how many times you’ve lapped the Sepang circuit. But that doesn’t mean or grant you the rights to be doing 200km/h on the open road.

image credited to
image credited to

There are so many people on the open road who are sharing the exact same tarmac with you, so it is wise for us as riders to have more respect towards the other road users as well. When we say respect, it is more likely for us to just being defensive most of the time. We will not go into those drivers ethic in this article, so let’s just assume that there are more ignorant and reckless drivers on the road than those proper drivers. Of course the reality will probably be different but for the sake of your own safety; let’s just exaggerate it for a while. It is okay to anticipate but it is not okay to assume while riding. One of our test rider made a mistake in assuming that his path was clear as he had the green light from the traffic at the time, that one silly mistake turns tragic when a car suddenly cross the red light that it was on which resulted to collision that cause an 8 months bikeless period for him. So back with anticipation, let’s just make it into one of your riding habit to anticipate a sudden change of path by a car or lorry driver up front.

Aside from that, we are quite amazed to see how unfit some of our riders are here in Malaysia. We are not discussing about how big is your belly or how amazingly huge you are comparing to your bike, no; we are simply discussing about the endurance of yourself on the bike for a long distance riding or extreme riding on track or on the twistiest. When you are tired,the first thing that will go is your concentration and that leads to mistakes in judging distance or speed or even back to the inaccurate of anticipation. These are all connected and are all very-very critical towards a rider. It is really up to the rider themselves to improve their endurance or fitness. Get yourself on a bicycle or make it a habit to jog around your housing area twice or three times a week so that you will at least improve the level of endurance to your mind and body.

image captured by Pat Smith - MSS Rd.1 2014
image captured by Pat Smith – MSS Rd.1 2014

We’ve discussed mostly on general issues for now and admittedly, the writing is probably not the best in the world to read. But we are pretty sure, we are touching on a very important issue to our riders here. Although we’re discussing mainly on the Malaysians but this goes the same to wherever you are. Discipline is a must in order for you to become a rider and don’t let it take away the fun and joy of riding. Simply put it as an essential thing to have before you go on your daily commuting or even your weekend riding. We do understand that there are more to say and there are even more for us to do here in Malaysian Riders. But as for now, let’s just take one step at a time.

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