Yamaha YZF-R3: Now the race is ON!


It’s not really a Hot Piece of News about this highly anticipated small capacity Yamaha sportsbike, but it is now becoming a full blown attempt for the Iwata based manufacturer to go on a heads on battle with the rest of the manufacturers in the same segment. We are now talking about Yamaha’s attempt to build a 300cc sportsbike machine to cater the needs of those European riders which regulation is a bit different from here in Malaysia. All in all, it’s just a wonderful piece of news to everyone who are looking into getting their hands on a sub 50HP motorcycle to ride.

The news came quite a while ago as the people in Yamaha has given a nod that they are preparing to officially release the YZF-R3 for the European market next year. Hold on to your seat ladies and gentleman, we are on the course to witness an epic battle between the Yamaha, Kawasaki and the KTM for the entry level sportsbike machine as we step our foot on 2015 soon. Of course, by the time this nicely designed Yamaha is available on the market; the RC390 and the Ninja 300 is already way mature in terms of familiarity and sales.

R3 2

For us in Malaysia, don’t get your hopes too high or let’s not put any faith on it at all; because it seems highly unlikely that we’ll receive the machine here. But, we are awaiting the official release of the YZF-R25 here in Malaysia; and this is as we have been told by Hong Leong Yamaha Malaysia that it’ll be made available in 2015. So about the YZF-R3, it seems much more powerful than the Ninja 300. The R3 will be producing 42hp and 21.8lb ft of torque, and this shows that the bike is capable to be an overall 2015 winner but let’s not predict too much about the future.

One thing that we really love from the piece of news we received is that the bike is lighter than the Ninja 300 ABS and it also comes standard with an ABS as well. This is good news for our road riders from the European part of the world. But what about us here in Malaysia? will ABS comes as a standard for our R25? Or will it be an option at all? That’s all remain to be seen. YZF-R3, RC390 and Ninja 300. We are sure being given a lot of choice nowadays and although it’s not the same for us in Malaysia, but at least we got something similar going on for us.

R3 1

We can’t really put any more words for this piece of story for now, but we are sure that more info will be made available soon by Yamaha. Please do stay tune with us in the future to get our version of the motorcycling news and films. For that, we really appreciate if you can hang out with us in FACEBOOK and our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.


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