November KO2T Shatters Own Record


It was about a week ago from this article’s date, the 3rd consecutive round of Kuala Selangor King of 2T 2014 was held successfully at the small and humble circuit of Kuala Selangor. The clubman type racing series was introduced back in June 2014 and it has been growing ever since it’s first inception. This actually shows how our motorsports scene is in a healthy condition and with such a high demand for more of an affordable type of motoring activity.

Our local informer at the circuit of Kuala Selangor and even some of our friends who were participating in the event shared their enthusiasm with us in Malaysian Riders with some facts and figures of the event. To make it short, the event shows a significant improvement in terms of support and it’s participants as well. The King of 2T had grown more than 4 times in it’s size from it’s first event with the latest being participated by more than 270 riders from all kind of categories.


Impressive really, considering the stature of the event and the lack of funding that they had in organizing it. Kudos to the team of Inspiration Motorsports Club along with it’s associates and even the local youth governing body that was involved in making the event a reality. Being a 2T event, which meant that it consists of an army of 2 strokes machinery from all kind of makes and classes. This surely can be an interesting sight to those who enjoy the classic feels; sounds and smell of the 2 stroke motorcycles.

The premier class of the series, or should we say the KING OF THE KING category which consisted of a mixed open exhaust modification 150cc bikes was an absolute thriller to watch. At least, that was what our informer told us. The category won by Ahrah Ahmad followed by a second place finish by M.Fikri and a third place finish by M.Zahier. We can be sure that these lads are certainly overjoyed with their achievement and we can only say that they should be working harder to improve themselves for the upcoming events to come.


As always, Malaysian Riders are delighted to bring you the kind of stories that are purely made by passion and this King of 2T 2014 is a great example of that. We would like to urge more riders and bikers out there to join in and support the kind of event that involves proper motorsports enthusiasm similar to this. For that, please do stay tune with us on FACEBOOK and feel free to SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL to enjoy more of this amazing motoring and motorsports contents.

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