Kuala Lumpur Minimoto Challenge 2014


It has been only a few days ago that the people in Kuala Lumpur was treated with an exciting roars of the little 2-strokes machine of these mini bikes that we know as pocket bike here in Malaysia. It was the Kuala Lumpur Minimoto Challenge 2014, held in the heart of Kuala Lumpur; Merdeka Square to be exact. The event which was a collaborative efforts between the Kuala Lumpur city hall, HB Motorsports and Pitrides sees the participation of youthful enthusiast of the pocket bike from all corners of Malaysia.

The event was intended to serve the mini bikes community here in Malaysia with an open and fun platform for them to unleash their passion on motorsports. This was used by most of them to gain more riding time for their youth riders especially of those who are looking to compete in the upcoming 2015 season of motorcycle racing here in Malaysia. The Kuala Lumpur Minimoto Challenge also gave the local motorist and motorsports who are in the region an exposure towards the sport and further promoting a safe motorsports activities for everyone.


According to our source on the event ground recently, the Kuala Lumpur Minimoto Challenge sees more than 70 riders participating in what have been a smoky and high pitched roars of these pocket bikes. The event was somehow relevant to what have been seen by some as a problem in Kuala Lumpur especially around night time, where young boys who were labeled by the media and public as “rempit”; a term for road menace here in Malaysia. With the effort of the organizer to host such event, it may somehow be an inviting gesture to those problematic young lads to join the event and prove themselves to be the best among the local motorsports community.

Us in Malaysian Riders truly support the effort of such event being held and it should be done on a much regular basis hopefully in the year 2015 ahead. The hunger for more motorsports platform here in Malaysia are being shown right to our very eyes and the people in the industry should be taking notes and certainly some productive action towards empowering the sport to the next level. As can be seen from the picture, it doesn’t really show a world class level of event and we are sure that this can be improved further in the future with better support and sponsorships.


With the off-season for the world championship of motorcycle is currently underway, the crowds and participating riders were treated with the appearance of the hotshot national rider; Hafizh Syahrin fresh from his rookie year of the world championship of Moto2. The PETRONAS Raceline rider came to the event and performs a few demo laps on his very own MiniGP machine which was accustomed to his specification and must we say, it sounded very loud and does look like a proper moto3 machine in a glimpse. The exciting turn up by Hafizh surely will boost the excitement for the young riders to pursue their future in motorsports and it is about time that we have more world class rider in the international scene of motorcycle racing.

All in all, the event was successfully held on the 6th of December 2014 right at the center of Kuala Lumpur, in front of our historical building of Sultan Abdul Samad and kudos from us to all the riders who participated in the event. Malaysian Riders team will be looking forward for more of similar event in 2015 and we are hoping to be able to give our best coverage to such event in the future. For those who are interested to find out about these events, please do hang around our site here and see one of our handpicked events that will be featured on our site. Please also stay tune with us on YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK for more updates.

images by Fariedz Fictionator

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