Broc Parkes to Shakes ARRC Finale

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Here he is, the Australian who completed his first and only MotoGP season in his career will be competing as a wildcard rider in the upcoming final round of the Asian Road Racing Championship (ARRC) at the circuit of Losail, Qatar. The 32 years old Australian will be making his 2nd ever appearance after his 2013 similar wildcard entry which sees him competing against Azlan Shah; our very own Moto2 rider who will compete in the World Championship again next year under the flagship of Idemitsu Racing.

Joining Parkes on the grid includes former SuperSports 600cc rider and current Moto2 contender, Thitipong Warakorn (AP Honda Thailand) and Spanish National Championship Moto2 Champion, Jesko Raffin (AP Honda SAG Team).Organizers of the Asian Championship, Two Wheels Motor Racing Sdn Bhd Promotions Director, Ron Hogg said, “Parkes, Thitipong and Raffin’s appearance is expected to shake up the competition, putting a lot of pressure on potential SuperSports 600cc champions. It will be very interesting to see the outcome of this weekend’s battle.”

 Broc Parkes 32 and reigning SuperSports 600cc champion, Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman during the 2013 season finale at the Losail Circuit

Broc Parkes 32 and reigning SuperSports 600cc champion, Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman during the 2013 season finale at the Losail Circuit

Malaysia’s current hope for the top Asian title lead by Zaqhwan Zaidi may seems a little bit far from his reach at the moment and with the inclusion with these world class riders; it’s looking to add more difficulty to him for the job. Nonetheless, it will be a great experience to be battling against the likes of Broc Parkes who have had a tremendous experience in road racing; even on a MotoGP machine. The Aussie is currently in the process of preparing himself for a competitive season in the British Superbikes Series after his seat on the MotoGP has been discontinued along with the PBM team at the end of the season this year.

The race in Qatar shall be an interesting showdown with a mix of experience from all over the Asian region and will only be pushing the premium Asian road racing series to a higher level than before. For more updates in the future, please do stay tune with us in Malaysian Riders and hang out with us on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE to get our latest updates.

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