An Aprilia that is Local

Shiver 750 CKD_003

A few days ago, we’ve been invited to witness a somewhat historical event for the Italian brand here in Malaysia. Although we weren’t able to get ourselves to the ground, but we did managed to grab a whole lot of information through our sources and representative from the event itself. Aprilia, a brand that has been long missing from our own motorcycle show is now making their first true leap of effort in enlarging their business strategy and improving their sales record in the Malaysian market.

NAZA Premira launched the CKD (Completely Knocked Down) edition of the Aprilia Shiver 750 this morning, as it also announced that it would soon begin local assembly of the model at the NAZA manufacturing facility in Shah Alam in early 2015.Malaysia will be the first country in which Aprilia has Shiver 750 assembly operations outside of Italy, however these units shall only be made available to the Malaysian market at this point in time. The assembly of the motorcycles will be carried out by NAZA Bikes Sdn Bhd whilst the distribution will be managed by NAZA Premira.NAZA Premira is optimistic of the market response towards the Aprilia Shiver 750 CKD Edition and estimated to sell at least 600 units in 2015. In fact, the facility in Shah Alam is capable of producing 1,200 units in the initial year of operation.  NAZA Premira is looking to expand the production capacity in between 3,000 to 5,000 units in the long run if it needs to cater to the ASEAN region.

Shiver 750 CKD_018

The move will see the World Superbike Championship winning brand in expanding and enhancing their dealerships networking throughout Malaysia and shall bring closer the true experience of being an Aprilian to the Malaysian bikers and riders community. An interesting fact that us in Malaysian Riders can share is that, Red Wheels Sdn Bhd; our long time associates has been given the rights to officially sells the bike in the eastern region specifically in Kota Bharu. The effort shows how Aprilia in Malaysia is serious in expanding their reach throughout the country. Aprilia Malaysia will focus on building and expanding the dealership network and enhancing the after-sales services to further solidify the brand’s local presence to create easy accessibility for Aprilia’s growing customer base. By end of 2015, Aprilia will have a total of 9 dealership network throughout the Peninsular Malaysia, before expanding its presence in East Malaysia. The Aprilia Shiver 750 is priced at RM43,888 (Nett Selling Price) with 2 years  manufacturer warranty.

All in all, we are seeing a great progress from our perspective from the Italian brand in terms of expanding themselves and we shall take a closer look at the brand in 2015 as we step in the new year in less than 15 days to come. More information and news can be access with us in Malaysian Riders, therefore; please do hang out with us on FACEBOOK and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for more of our creative contents.


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