The Legacy of Proton KR

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For the past couple of weeks here in Malaysian Riders headquarter; right at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, we have been involved in a series of discussion with a rather interesting group of people. They were first noticed when an acquaintance of ours shared a piece of photography that instantly caught our eyes. It was a photo of the Proton KR machine ridden on the track. We were stuck in short fantasy of which we hope that it’s a new photo of the machine being ridden. But the reality was quick enough to kicks in and woke us up from that short day dream and realized that it’s just an old photo we’ve seen before. But the organization that shared it was not, and so; we began our exchange of thoughts and discussed about the possibility of having the Proton KR legacy being visualized in an entirely new way.

Although it was pretty clear to us that the Proton KR had competed in the world championship in the past and that the KR stands for Kenny Roberts. But there are so many other things that we didn’t know about it. How our national car maker Proton were involved in the development of the bike with team Kenny Roberts and what were their vision for the bike and why there was so little thing about it has gone public. One thing for sure, Proton made it pretty clear that they don’t want to share a full detailed story on this and prefers that it just be a history for the Malaysian automotive and motorsports industry. As an organization that loves and care about motoring and motorsports, we find that this is quite sad as it may hold a whole new potential of bringing great benefits to the people here in Malaysia and the rest of the world.

ProtonKR 2
The “interesting group of people” we mentioned earlier was kind enough to get back to us and shared a similar passion to see the bike roars again and even make an appearance in full detail for the rest of the world to enjoy. They are known as PROTON KR on Facebook and are based nearly 10,000km away in Italy. A nation known for their love and passion towards the automotive engineering so much until it produces some of the most recognizable brand such as Ducati and Ferrari. Following from our discussion with them, we’ve come to a mutual understanding that the Proton KR machine should be given a proper highlights in the shape of stories be it in technical and philosophical term to everyone out there.

As of now, we are still in the phase of early concept and pre-production of the Proton KR Legacy project. What’s more important will be how to approach the right people that will allow us to study the bike and talk to them about it in detail before we take it to the next level such as having it running and also filming it for a documentary. It will be a long term project and it will be extremely valuable not just for us as Malaysian, but also to the automotive community in the whole world to learn about technologies which surpass it’s own time and learn from it to make a much revolutionary piece in the future. We are honored to team up with PROTON KR and make this a reality, we will be needing your support in pursue of this venture. More news and stories will be shared throughout the year and we are hoping that it will be a reality within the year 2016.

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Stay tune with us in Malaysian Riders and do check our associate PROTON KR to see more about the machine and join our discussion on FACEBOOK and watch some of our films on YOUTUBE. You can also get in touch with us on TWITTER and have more connectivity with us through that channel.

**Images are credited to original source and owner**

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