Hafizh Among the Top 10 Again..

Hafizh Syahrin at the French Grand Prix 2

The Catalan GP concluded just a few hours ago from this writing and here we want to celebrate our riders achievement in the world level of motorcycle racing. Particularly, the lad we named in the title of this article. Hafizh Syahrin; as we know has been competing regularly in the world championship of Moto2 and has not been shy to be in the spotlight with his amazing performances coming off from a Malaysian.

He finishes 10th after starting out from the 23rd place on the grid for the race and had to fight his way back into the points little by little. From our point of view, we have seen many feedback coming off from the public; especially from Malaysian on the net constantly congratulating him and also those who are consistently criticizing his performance as being not on par to what have been expected of him. We do not deny that a critical analysis of his performance are needed as millions of ringgit has gone to get him to where he is right now.

Hafizh Syahrin at the French Grand Prix 5

Petronas might be a huge company that can do this forever but that doesn’t mean they should. Some of our associates in Malaysian Riders knows Hafizh personally and we’re never too far away from him during some of his down time riding around the local tracks in the past. We know that he got the ability to ride in a way that not many other Malaysian can as of this moment. But why is it still hard for him to get into the right position during practices and qualifying is still a huge mystery for us. Does Petronas Raceline has the right package for Hafizh or does Hafizh is just slacking off? We wouldn’t want any of these two to be true but regardless of how we feel, one has got to be the truth.

As for now, Hafizh knows his priority and target which we don’t need to remind him in a harsh way. But we have to emphasize to the team that something strategic needs to be happening to ensure that Hafizh will continue to progress in being more competitive by the end of the 2017 season. We do not see him fit to be a MotoGP rider just yet but we do not deny that he is already there in the region of being one. Hafizh Syahrin will continue to be the pride of our nation when it comes to 2 wheels motorsport even though he has never won any race in the world championship at the moment.

Hafizh Syahrin at the French Grand Prix 4

The field is constantly improving in every way and Hafizh seems to be going in the right direction albeit not too much in terms of the mileage. What else can we do to support this lad? That is the only question that we can really offer to the future of Petronas Raceline and Hafizh, which in truth; reflects our level of 2 wheels motorsports competitiveness in the world stage. More riders are coming out from our nation soon and they would benefit greatly if Hafizh can set a higher standard for our motorsports athlete to be in. Let’s give our best of support to all of our riders, be it in world championship or even our local series such as Malaysian Cubprix; to ensure that we have a stronger presence in the international stage of motorcycle racing.



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