Kawasaki Malaysia Launched Z900RS at RM67,900 Standard

It’s been expected that a new model from the big green manufacturer will be launched and today; Kawasaki Motors Malaysia held a great event to unveiled their new baby to the nation. In conjunction of the Chinese New Year, the 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS had been launched with a price tag of RM67,900 including gst while the special edition priced at RM69,900 which seems fitting to the bike’s category.

With a keyword of “Fun to Ride”, the Kawasaki Z900RS looks to tackle the Malaysian retro-looked bike market in which it is still yet to be a known trend here in Malaysia. Lots of great feature has been added to the bike in order to enhance the bike’s riding dynamics. A sporty approach to a retro looking machine, that is something exciting to explore while being intrigue to figure out if this is the right formula for Kawasaki to rejuvenate the biken market globally and regionally.

At the time of launch, we have been briefed that the Malaysian market will enjoy similar traits of the globally launched bike as it was introduced back in December 2017. We will further discuss on the Z900RS in the coming future to look in detail how it works and how it performs in the real world. Be sure to stay tune with us for more unique looks toward the bike in the future.


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