Pressure for Hafizh or KTM?


The conclusion for the American round of MotoGP was something that many will talk about especially when the mighty #93 crashed out of the race. For the Malaysian fans of MotoGP however, there was no cheer and celebration when our national hero Hafizh Syahrin crosses the line alone at the very last position. It was a very lonely and silent race for him at the back and the boss of KTM Tech 3 were said to be disappointed with his result.

Round 4 of MotoGP will be coming to Europe and the pressure is on for Hafizh, is it really? looks into what’s happening in the KTM camp as it looks to be a mixed of both world; while Pol and Miguel certainly looks to be okay with their bike; the two ex-team mate of Yamaha Tech 3 in 2018 seems to be struggling to the point that they’re looking clueless on what to do with their performance on race day. For someone of Johann’s stature; it’s difficult to accept that he couldn’t get to grip with how the KTM works and pull in closer to his much experienced team mate on the KTM, but that didn’t happen. Hafizh on the other hand seems very much confused on what he has to do to ride it well on the RC16.


The main question now, is it really the bike or the rider themselves. We would say, the result came in with lots of variables in mind and it comes from both the style of the rider, how they interpret their bikes and riding techniques along with the overall package they got from the KTM machine. The RC16 has been develop for a few years now and it’s not looking to be a rider friendly bike; certainly not all rider. It suits Pol’s riding style the best and that’s about it. That was true when he was riding along with Bradley Smith. New parts are coming in for the bike after the weekend but it is not a sure thing that it’ll solve all of Hafizh’s problem.


The pressure is now on for Hafizh but KTM or TECH 3 in particular must really work closely with their riders to develop a more linear package for all of their riders to start with. Their test rider Dani Pedrosa should be able to help develop the machine to a much better standard than what Mika, Bradley and Pol has done previously. Hafizh on the other hand must work smarter to tackle his basic problems on the bike first before even thinking about going fast and catch up with the rest of the pack in front of him. We are calling for all Malaysian to support Hafizh and give him the morale boost he needs right now, we believe he has what it takes to be great on board the KTM; it’s just a matter of confidence and time for him.


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