Modenas Ace 115 First Ride

Urban-assault machine. That’s all that can be said while riding on top of Ace 115, the newest line up from our local motorcycle manufacturers, Modenas. Yeah, we know what you all think about now “Another moped? After 16 years, isn’t it time for a bigger capacity bike? A 250cc maybe?”.

But please, put down the key of your Dash and Wave and prepare to be surprise.
We at Malaysian Riders were lucky enough to be able to get a slot for Modenas Ace 115 media test ride session at MIMC (Malacca International Motorsport Circuit)  track recently. After a day of fun riding around the track, we’re convinced that Ace 115 will become a new phenomenon, a permanent fixture on our local moped scene.

As stated above, the new Ace 115 is a pure urban assault machine, a 120cc of pure fun bike for trendy youngsters in the all new moped lifestyle. With shorter wheelbase and 16” rims, the bike is a torque monster. Combined with the stable box frame chassis and cat-quick handling, traffic jams will never be a factor. Few of the test riders can actually ride the bike around the track with medium to high speed with only the top gear! While some people might argue with the power plant used in Ace 115,
the Kriss 120 former engine has proven to be tough, durable and there are plenty of spare parts readily available on most places.

Flicking the bike left and right at the MIMC tight corners, We were actually surprised by the stability of the bike swing arm. The design reminds us of the old pocket rocket TZR250. No wobbling and chattering during braking and cornering, aided by the stock IRC medium compound tires.

Modenas really outdo themselves in the look department. The design is fresh, sleek, fun and tough too. One of the test riders has crashed the bike twice during the test ride, a failed wheelie and a lowside on the sweeping high speed corner. Much to our surprised, no bended chassis or foot pegs and there’s not even a crack on the cover set, just some minor scratches. A testament to the quality of
material used.

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine with the Ace 115 though. The side mirrors are too minimalist, and the head lamp looks too bulky. But then again, it does fit the design of the bike, which is a cross over between a scooter and cub. The bike lacks top speed, clocking just over 110km/h on the long straight at MMIC. The foot peg needs to be raised higher and the monoshock needs to be adjusted for two up riding.

In the end, we feel that the new Ace 115 has all the criteria to take the moped scene by storm this year. A fun, urban bike that will left the competitor in the dust. Welcome back Modenas, it’s been a long time waiting.

Check out the Video HERE

Prepared by: Muddno



  1. hi..
    As i know the top speed almost the same with KRISS 120. but you comments the the top speed is only 110km/hr.

    I think the meter design is follow the car meter design which only have 10% adjustment from the actual speed or another word .. meter berat

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