Unveiling 1 Malaysia Chopper

Image credited to original owner

Book your date and time for an event tomorrow where Paul Senior of Orange County Chopper will be unveiling the 1 Malaysia Chopper. A custom made chopper specially designed for 1 Malaysia brand.

The admission will be free and the Prime Minister is set to be there too for the launch of the 1 Malaysia Chopper. The event will kick off at 3pm with the highlights being the unveiling of the 1 Malaysia chopper custom made by the famous AMERICAN CHOPPER TEAM based in Orange County, New York.

The rest of the event will be presented with bike show or exhibition by NAZA and musical performance by local artist. We will be there to cover the event and be sure to tune in to our site for more news and updates.

see you there…


  1. uh, i just read. sorry for the late reply. just now i want to show it to you but have no idea how to do it.

    1. nevermind.. Good info.. well we will confirm it today.. and if there is none… then someone somewhere has given us a wrong info.. but if there is no problem..we will update our experience here..

      Terima Kasih Riana kerana sudi lawat laman ini..

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