“Syko” Land Speed Record

Happy Sunday people, well as many of us would spend our time at home enjoying our quality time with loved ones or maybe some of us would rather be out there and enjoy this beautiful Sunday morning for a ride with fellow riders. Either way, Malaysian Riders will still be here and giving you news updates and some stories that we think it will be worthy to be share with all of our readers. Well, sharing is caring.

So what do we have for our readers for today? Recently, in a land of far far away from Malaysia. Well 15,000KM away to be exact, in the land known as York at a place where the speed limit is not an issue as there are none. A man named Graham Sykes, an engineer who rode his own creation to the max where eventually he sets up the fastest speed achieved in British.

The machine he rode was a three-wheeler powered by 3900cc V8 engine called “The Syko”. The speed achieved was 180.39mph on a stretch of the Elvington airfield. Sykes was delighted with the result and congratulate everyone who has been working with him for the project. So now the British have their own land speed record, what about us Malaysian?


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