Harley for 2013.. Not much but it’s enough..

image credited to visordown.com

This could be a great news for some Harley lovers, but it can also be a somewhat dull news for them too. As for now, there are no new updates regarding new model coming for Harley in 2013. But recently, they announced that in the upcoming year  there will be an option for consumers to obtain a new Harley in a 60’s styled paint scheme. We can hear a soft chear from afar for this piece of news. Nothing exciting from the legendary Harley for their loyal customer for now, but this will do.

The return of such styling was brought back by Harley this time as they just wanted to have a little more varieties for their lineups of machine in 2013. Although there are no indicators whether if this will affect the prices on each model that is available for this option  for now, we are confident that people will still be lining up to get those Harleys in no time. As for now, there are no announcement has yet been made by Harley Malaysia whether regarding the availability of these options for local market.

Malaysian Riders will stay close to the source of Harley’s development of news for the upcoming future to bring you more news from the world of easy riders. Please feel free to like our facebook page and subscribe to our youtube page.

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