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The story on the latest of Bimmers two wheels development is always great to follow. The newly launched BMW is said to be having a lot of improvements on its part and it will be significantly great motorbike to be ridden in an extreme condition (Track and Canyon/Moutain riding). This led to the curiosity of our European counterparts about the price tag of the bike itself after those significant improvements.

But this however, was not really the main agenda of the launch from BMW on this bike. They have yet to announce the exact number of the HP4 but revealed the price will be around those of £16,000 (MYR 79,313 w/o tax) and £19,000(MYR 94,185 w/o tax) for the competition package.If this is true, the possibility of the bike at its highest spec reaching the RM200,000 range is possible due to our wonderful taxes.

But for now, the confirmed information is that it will be available at least for the European market starting this December and the price will be revealed in early October. Regardless of the updates, when this great bike will be coming into our shore is still a mystery to us Malaysian as always. Stay tune with us for more news updates and please feel free to LIKE our FACEBOOK page and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE channel.

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