Best Motorcycle Game

Tourist Trophy (PS2)

It is time for us to step out from the reality for a while and go into the virtual world where we can do anything impossible with our lives and make it possible or at least we can imagine it. This is where the gaming industry has been doing for more than 20 years now. Well we wouldn’t want to go down into the history of video games here as that would really take our time and change our focus as a motorcycle media by a lot.

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As the title suggest, we really want to know what is the best video game for motorcycle enthusiast all over the world currently. The booming of video game industry in the past 20 years from NES to Playstation 3 and not to forget the advancement of computer performance that has gone to prove that we are on the verge of getting closer to almost life like graphic capabilities. But does this mean we as a motorcycle enthusiast gets the best out of it?

Apparently, when the question is being asked in a few online forums regarding what is the best motorcycle game out there. The answer usually will point back to the old game coming from the late 90’s and from that era we are well aware that the technology hasn’t come to the point where it can be seen as something great yet. But after a few research, yes we find ourselves drooling over old games rather than the more beautiful looking current generation game.

A few games that caught our attention is the great old Road Rash which was based across all kind of old gaming platforms and has some of the best entertainment value as a true bikers game. Well not really true, but this is where we said the imagination of being something that you could not or should not be in the real lives. Apart from this, there are something else that are looking much more real with almost life like graphic even by today’s standard; polyphony’s TOURIST TROPHY on the Playstation 2.

But of all the graphical extravagant from the creator of world’s probably closest to life driving simulator GT5 for the Tourist Trophy, it still fail in delivering a proper racing game that puts you in the shoe of racing riders. The current generation MotoGP games and World Superbike game is just too arcade oriented which make it feels unreal after a while. But one particular game has really given us the feel of a real riding experience is the GP500. This is a video game that everyone who is into riding should look at and see how they can achieve the physics level at such time.

We leave you with a video from the GP500 that has blown us in many way and yes it’s not the most beautiful game ever but it does give you the feel of a real situation in a racing environment and that of the 2-strokes era (Not to forget the Pasir Gudang Track and Proton KR bike in the game). Please LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for more updates from Malaysian Riders.


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