Last Year’s CubPrix Wira Champion, Mohd Adib Rosley takes a step closer to realizing his goals in Selangor Motor Race Round 1 as he recorded the best lap for the timed practice sessions at Selangor Motor Race at Elite Plus Speedway Circuit,  Selangor  official host to Selangor Motor Race Championship, in Marco Simoncelli Cup Category (Open Category).

The Motul Yamaha Y Y Pang Racing’s rider who is on the start for CP115 from WIRA category this season in Malaysian Cub Prix Championship in a mission to prove his win in ARC Open Track Day in March 2012  (Track Day Event) was not just because of good fortune and his journey to Selangor Motor Race is as an privateer without his teams . He has timed 50.011s in the final moments of the session to outshine closer rivals, Mohd Rizal Shaari second fastest with 50.374s and Suhaizarul Suhaizat in third, 50.541s. Surprised to lead the timesheets, the 18-year old hopes to keep the momentum for the Final Event tomorrow where he intends to grab his first podium with a pole position he had today.

“I really did not expect to be the fastest rider today because most of the contenders were faster and Alhamdulillah, I managed to clock the best lap. All thanks to the friends and mechanics. They prepared a great setup especially with regards to the suspensions which is a critical element on technical layouts such as this,” said Adib after the qualifying session.

We were unable to be there for the race for some complication with our writers and on scene reporters, but we will try our very best to bring you more news and updates of the Selangor Motor Race in the near future. Stay tune with us, Malaysian Riders.

Prepared By: Old Miller

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