Honda Off-Road 2013

It is like the manufacturers are having a battle now on launching or revealing their off-road lineups for 2013 in the past few weeks. KTM and Kawasaki had announced their new off-road machines for 2013 with some sweet updates and exciting upgrades that will “surely” enhance the performance. Now, it is time for Honda to join the race as they announced their 2013 lineups of off-road monsters.

So for 2013, Honda will come up with some major updates for the 450. The new 450 will see a new redesigned frame and will get the air pressured front suspension as what the Kawasaki had done to the KX450F. So, they wont get the title of being the first production off-road motorcycles to be using such system.

The rest is just some tweaks on the 450’s engine to give better performance on low and mid range power. While the 450 sees a few major upgrades, the 250 of Honda on the other hand stays basically the same for 2013 with just some minors tweaks on the rear shock and front fork, not to forget the recalibration of the fuel injection system. As far as for Malaysian market goes, that doesn’t really matter as the off-road scene here is not as strong if to be compared to the rest of the world.

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