Slow Week For Zulfahmi

Image credited to Official Zulfahmi


Disappointed? Not really, we are more than grateful with Zulfahmi’s slow performance this week. He’s been struggling since day one of the Hertz British Grand Prix as the team weren’t able to get the best out the KTM machine and Zulfahmi’s riding style. Well, this is not really as what they stated but we think they are not performing at their optimum capability.

Finishing the race at 9th place dropping a position from his qualified 8th from his qualifying practice on Saturday. He was seen in the top 5 group for a moment right after a good start in the race. Sadly, his performance and luck wasn’t really on his side yesterday as the Malaysian sole rider in the Moto 3 category struggle to keep up with the leading group’s pace. Fighting till the end, Fahmi was taken over around by Arthur Sissis of the Red Bull KTM Ajo around the last few laps before the chequered flag.

Next up for our Malaysian rider is the 7th round of the world Moto 3 championship in Assen. We are hoping that his luck will improve in the next round as he pursue his first ever podium that has been teasing for quite a while now. As always, us in Malaysian Riders will be supporting Zulfahmi and his team for better or for worse. We are urging all Malaysian motorsports fans to be patience and supportive for his journey and let’s try to contribute something in this arena for the sake of our future motorsports development.

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