Honda RCV1 Rumors

Well, this has been going on for quite a while now. We’ve had posted a news previously regarding the possibility of Honda producing a V4 Superbike for the use on the road based from the MotoGP bike. Well now this is another update of the rumor where Young Magazine from Japan had published a story on the bike with somewhat a mock up design of the bike can be seen on the magazine’s cover.

We do not understand Japanese. That probably sum up the overall update as we don’t really know anything about what the bike will actually be. Even the drawing of the bike is just an artist impression of how it “will” be like when it’s going to be revealed by Honda in the future. Honda did mention about going on with the RnD for the bike back when we posted the update previously.

V4 engine Honda Superbike on the road, sounds good enough for us and we are definitely eager to know more about this development from Honda. Although we are pretty sure that it’s not going to be anytime soon for them to unveil such product. But for some hardcore fans of Honda motorcycle out there, they have been going crazy about this little development and have also predicted about the price might be around the range of USD50,000 which if translated into MYR; let’s just shove your wallet back into your pants as most of us will not be able to afford one.

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