Kasma Daniel: A Whole New Level

MTZ_2931 (1)

Finishing a race in a highly competitive level of racing is never easy, let alone to finish within the point scoring placement and so on. That is why, we always have high respect to the riders who competes in the highest level of motorcycle racing like Khairul Idham, Hafizh Syahrin and Adam Noroddin. Now is Kasma Daniel’s turn to make a mark on his still young career of international motorcycle racing. Kasma, is no stranger to motorcycle racing; having started way back on a little pocket bike machine and working his way up the rank to Malaysian Cubprix and even Asia Road Racing in the 250cc production class.


CEV Moto3 is where he is right now and it’s a place to be if you’re an aspiring youth looking to break into the world championship of motorcycle racing. That is where all the great teams, sponsors and attentions are when it comes to 2 wheels racing. It hasn’t been easy for Kasma in his junior Moto3 campaign ever since the start of the season. With multiples DNF and hardly breaking the Top 20 position with only the last two round where he got to finish better than 20th position. The highlight was recently in Estoril where he finishes 10th place to score a very much needed points for his campaign.


We haven’t spoken with Kasma for a very long time; although one of our associates here in Malaysian Riders is a very close acquaintance to him (or maybe a little bit more than just an acquaintance). When we first saw Kasma in action, it was pretty clear that the boy has something special in him; something like what Hafizh had before when he was younger. That eagerness and relentless pursue of racing and winning. He was pretty unstoppable; and most of the time he’s always in a high spirit to make something out of the machine that he’s riding. Thus making him a very fierce contender on the track especially around here in Malaysia. Going onto his campaign in Asia Road Racing, things started to look tougher for him as he was riding on board the Yamaha R25 of Australian team.


We can call it as a pretty decent work in his ARRC campaign but not really up to the level that we were hoping to see. Of course, that relates much with the caliber of the team he’s in against the others on the grid; they were extremely competitive (if you haven’t watch it, go and WATCH it). When the news of Kasma going to the CEV for Moto3 came out, we were pretty much like everyone else; we felt very excited to have yet another very promising rider to compete in that stage where Khairul Idham, Adam Noroddin, Hafiq Azmi and some others had made their marks before progressing to the big boys level of world championship. Now it is time for Kasma to shine, but it’s not going to be easy.

MTZ_2984 (1)

It’s a whole new level this time around as Kasma work on his craft in the Moto3 class of CEV. Going against some of the best and well funded teams and riders, Kasma will need to bring up his game by a lot. Judging by the performance he delivered in the past and recently, we can say that Kasma needs to stay around the championship for at least 2 years before a need to bring him into the world stage can be deemed as viable. The team he’s in right seriously needs to gather as much data and information from Kasma’s work and look into what they can do with it for the years to come if they’re serious about bringing him to the World Championship. All in all, Kasma has a great potential and we have to play our parts by supporting him and the team. Let’s just hope that he continues to get his head down and eyes locked onto the target of winning the race.


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